Five Things Every Marketer Needs To Know About Facebook

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  • Brad Benton
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    Whether you’re thinking about setting up a hotel Facebook page, have one that you’re looking to enhance, or think you’ve mastered Facebook marketing… you will benefit from learning new ways you can leverage Facebook to engage with hotel guests and travel shoppers!

    Why Facebook?
    Put simply – it’s where your travel shoppers are!

    Here’s proof:

    Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are transforming the idea of “word of mouth” and extending the reach of this personal network of connections.

    Facebook now has over 800 million users, and increasingly it’s a place people are spending more and more time.

    Today Facebook is one of the top three most frequently consulted social media and customer review sites.

    Conversion rates from Facebook referrals far exceed those from other online travel sites.

    Five Best Practices for Marketing Your Hotel on Facebook …That are working now.

    1. Make your community feel special.
    You can include content from your website on your Facebook Page, but you also need to offer something different, unique, current and exclusive to Facebook. This will give consumers more reasons to visit your page.

              o Think about what compelling offers you can you present exclusively to your Facebook community.

    2. Start conversations.
    Social media is meant to be social, with two-way communication between you and your Facebook community. The social aspect of Facebook is a powerful way to connect with your customers that doesn’t happen on your website.

              o Encourage your Facebook visitors to post comments, share stories, upload photos and provide feedback.

    3. Think beyond your hotel.
    Share information with your Facebook consumers that they’ll find helpful as a visitor not only your hotel but also your city.

              o Present informative content that about your city that only the locals know, or a guide to hotspots in your city.

    4. Simplify booking.
    When travel shoppers like what they see, they’re more likely to book. Why not make it easy for them to do so right on Facebook?

              o Add a booking tool right to your Facebook page that lets consumers search for rates, availability and take advantage of special offers.

    5. Target your message.
    Who are you targeting? Meeting planners? Wedding planners? Business travelers? Whoever it is that you’re targeting, make it easy for to find and explore information about your hotel that is most relevant.

    o Find a solution that lets you provide targeted, customized, easy-to-navigate content for a number of different audiences.

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