Helpful tips on generating sports business

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  • Brad Benton
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    o There are many levels to the sports market; pee-wee, youth, high school, collegiate, professional, etc. Plus there are several different markets within the “sports” umbrella; football, hockey, gymnastics, bowling, softball, baseball, ice skating, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, karate/martial arts, racquetball, etc. This is a goldmine for weekend room nights.
    o Call on local coaches and athletic directors
    o Soccer is sweeping the country. To find a schedule of games and to get the names of visiting coaches and athletic directors, go to (American Youth Soccer Organization)
    o Go online and search under different sports-soccer, golf, tennis, hockey, softball, bowling, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, biking, running-for events in your area and advertise your hotel to participants in exchange for comp. rooms.
    o Visit Independent Gymnastic or Cheerleading schools for camps or meets.
    o Contact your local Sports Commission for upcoming events
    o Develop a relationship with the people who work in the facilities that house these events, i.e. arena’s and event centers
    o Target any recruiters, coaches, visiting teams, tournaments and their families.
    o Visit for Tennis Tournaments in your area.
    o Visit bowling alleys for tournaments.
    o Visit any local stables or large horse riding stables-horse shows, competitions.

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