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    Internet Prospecting Quick Tips and Sites

    Fast Searches for Past, Current and Future Business

    In search boxes, using Yahoo and Google, type the following strings…

    +city + state abbreviation + convention + year 
    +city + state abbreviation + conference + year 
    +city + state abbreviation + seminar + year 

    Also consider adding +tba or +tbd to the above strings for future years.

    + competitor hotel name + city + state abbreviation + convention + year 
    + competitor hotel name + city + state abbreviation + conference + year 
    + competitor hotel name + city + state abbreviation + seminar + year 

    Other key words to use in searches…
    Tradeshow, meeting, workshop, training, etc.

    + competitor hotel name + hotel phone number

    To bring up events at competitors with their rate…
    + city + state abbreviation + event type + single/double + competitor hotel name + year

    + city + state abbreviation + event type + registration + year

    + competitor hotel + company name + training

    For general searches on your competition, also consider entering their full phone number in the search field of Yahoo as follows (901+555+1212).  This will bring up the sites on which your competitor appears including companies and organizations and therefore … potential leads.  This may also serve to help you in determining what other sites you want to be listed on or have a link to (community sites, etc.)

    For rates offered at your competition, go to
    Select: On-line reservations > Hotel Search 
    Fill in location and other criteria as desired

    Other sites to surf:
    Company Info / Corporate Market / Meetings / Assoc.
     > Finance 
    For corporate information go to company profile and then competitors.
    Good source for business info.  (This site requires a paid subscription)   
    >Business & Money > Corporate websites > then use super search  for Meetings + City + year
    Business Search engine
    Great site for events, conferences, etc. in your market
    Company Research>Web Directory>View Alphabetical listing   
    >what’s nearby> enter address then go to “all nearby businesses”
    Use TBA or TBD

    Government Market
    Type “events” in search field

    Reunion Market
    Resource opportunities > Reunion Resources > research & Statistics> Information Center > Links

    Religious Market
    Jewish market sites

    Sports Market

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