MEPS and other Base Segment Military Business Idea's


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    “How to Find MEPS & Base Military Business”

     Many of our hotels have opportunity to gain base military business because they are near US Military Bases and Installations. Here are two sales outlines to use if you would like to make sales calls on military business.
     *Identifying a MEPS Office:
     -Public Affairs Office- Contact to see if there is a MEPS on base.
    -Commander’s Office- MEPS Commander- Who currently has a contract or MOU and when is the contract up for renewal?
    -Local Recruiting Office- Where is closest Processing Station?
     *Understanding MEPS Business Opportunity:
     -Military Entrance Processing Station includes all branches of the military.
    -MEPS is the stay between the new recruit signing up for service and being sent off to boot camp.  
    -One day Processing includes medical and educational exams to determine the best options for recruits within selected service.  The recruits are also sworn in on this day.
    -An overnight stay is always the night before the scheduled processing date.  A MEPS officer to sign in meets the recruit at the hotel.  Names are provided in advance.
    -It can be a one or two night stay at a very low rate.
    -Breakfast and Dinner are generally included.
    -Some bases require that the new recruits use base lodging.
    -An MOU may have to be set up between the local hotel and the MEPS office. An MOU is a Memorandum of Understanding.
    -A MEPS contract may be required.  If so, it is generally a three-year agreement with an extensive inspection process.

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