Military Base Sales Call Idea's

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    *Identifying who to call on.
    –         MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation)
    –         The bowling alley, officers and non-commission officers clubs, theater, community center, information ticketing and tours,(ITT) information ticketing and registration.(ITR)
    –         The leisure travel office.(LTO)
    –         The commercial travel office.(CTO)
    *Identifying where the business is coming from or going to.
    –         Ask the leisure travel office (LTO) or commercial travel office (CTO) what are the feeder cities.
    –         Ask who books meetings, conferences or events.
    –    Work with the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Marketing Manager.
    –    Work with the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Director.
    –    Work with the ITT or ITR Offices.
    –         Work with the leisure travel office manager on packages.
    –         Work with Ombudsman for ship homecomings.
    *Getting past the gate or guard
    –         Have an idea of who to ask for.  The contracted travel agency, travel and transportation, meeting planner.
    –         Do your homework in advance.
    *What to present
    –         A per diem or best available government rate package.
    –         Why they would book your service. Price, Location, Amenities
    Once the sales call is complete below are more ideas for calls and where to get them.
    *Marketing Resources
    –         Base Travel Shows
    –         Base Newspaper
    –         Local Association Newspaper
    –         Information Ticketing & Tours or Information Ticketing & Registration Papers
    –         Websites; i.e., base websites, military living
    –         GDS
    *Local Marketing Ideas
    –         Sponsorship i.e., Armed Forces Weekend, Summerfest, Octoberfest, Golf Outings,etc.
    –         Provide information to new comers orientation.
    –         Homecoming of ships.
    –         Create Low Season Packages-i.e. Valentine’s Day, Antiquing, Comedy Club, Christmas Tree Package.
    –         Work with Public Affairs Office.

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