Hospitify gives your sales team some of the most powerful research tools in the industry, like x-ray vision into your competitive set. The ability to find additional revenue in areas you have never thought of before.  The ability to transform the average Director of Sales into an outstanding Director of Sales!



FOSTERING AN ENVIRONMENT FOR SUCCESS An intranet is a secure database that enables internal employees of your hospitality management company to share documents, files, calendars, and collaborate on other important information. The addition of an intranet to your business provides many benefits, including increased productivity!



In an era of social media and the effective platform, our system gives you and your team the ability to communicate and collaborate in a familiar manner.  These platforms have been proven to be effective many times over and are not only fun but nurturing for productivity in a way your team is already accustomed to. Nurture a social atmosphere and let great minds thrive!



In order to become and remain successful, organizations must ensure efficient communication. Intranet forums, discussion groups, and company bulletin boards can offer businesses the tools they need to allow open, reliable, and secure communication between employees, managers, and human resources.


Hospitify is a private database platform used to organize your team coupled with a set of proven tools designed to help your sales staff to succeed.




Let us give you a demonstration of how Hospitify can help your team be all they can be!



Below you will find a list of just some of the features offered within the Hospitify Intranet Platform.


Familiar Social Interface

Intelligent Social Interface

Your Social Intranet interface is laid out in a familiar manner so it is very intuitive and easy for users to navigate.  Users will feel comfortable finding and utilizing the many valuable resources available.

Individual Profile

Individual users can maintain their personal profile.  Those users that wish to share more about themselves have the opportunity, while the more private can simply provide contact information.

Social “Wall” Communication

The “Wall” is integrated into the dashboard so users can communicate short snippets of information in a way so many are familiar with.  Most all of your users will feel comfortable making a quick post.

Weekly Digest Emails

Digest Emails deliver a recap or the week’s communication and new topics.  Setting can be adjusted to deliver digest daily, weekly or monthly.   This is a great way to entice your users to interact and collaborate.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Tools

Sophisticated Research Tools

Hospitify has developed a vast arsenal of tools to uncover opportunities within your market.  You will have access to multiple easy to search databases of information that will give you a competitive edge over your competition.

Lead Resource Development

The Hospitify Resource Library will provide lists and contacts for many supporting industries.  Your sales team will have access to information at their fingertips saving time and suggesting opportunities they may not have thought of.

Hospitality Marketing Library

The Marketing Library has a plethora of knowledge that has been collected over the years from some of the greatest minds in the industry.  You will have access to this information as well as supporting forms, spread sheets and best practices.

Training Video Library

The Video Library is a collection of resources and helpful insights into topics like Hospitality Sales, Social Media, Organization and more.  These videos are the resources needed to learn and spur ideas to improve your organization’s performance.

Hospitality Management Operational Tools

Collaborative Forum

The Forum provides your team the ability to easily reference corporate documents, forms and data.  It provides employees and departments the ability to share, collaborate and contribute within a secure environment.

Private Employee Surveys

The Survey interface is a versatile tool that allows for private submission of employee opinions for management to gather accurate results.  It can be used for serious matters or to lighten up the atmosphere, keeping it fun with light hearted content.

Corporate Support Interface

The support interface allows employees to submit a “ticket” that can be tracked within the Hospitify platform.  This ensures issues are routed to the correct department and are followed up with and resolved.

Internal Corporate Blog

Primarily used for company announcements, employee recognition and similar important matters, when a post is made, all users will be notified. This is a great way to communicate with your entire organization quickly and effectively.

Upcoming Event Notifications

Displayed on the home page are upcoming event notifications.  These are more general in nature and can be used to build a cohesive team by displaying upcoming birthdays or company anniversaries.

Internal Corporate Calendar

A shared corporate calendar will help to communicate important events, deadlines and holidays. It is very flexible so you can customize it to best fit your organization’s goals.

Corporate Directory

The corporate directory is simply that.  You may choose who is listed within the directory and what information is shared.  The directory may be customized by group so individual property contacts are listed together.

Hospitality News Integration

The news feed is delivered via RSS making it flexible and allowing it to deliver content from many resources. Any public RSS feed can be integrated to deliver data straight to your intranet dashboard.