Featuring the most affordable sales tracking system this industry has seen so far. We have worked closely with the largest hospitality management companies in the world to deliver exactly what they have asked for at an unbelievably competitive price. It’s  called HOST.  

They asked. We delivered.

Get organized and stay productive.

Account and Contact Organization

A digital rolodex. Once the account is created along with the contact connected to that account, you can build or update room blocks, create events, send contracts or banquet event orders and much more.

Documented activity means productivity.

Sales Call Tracking and Tracing

Quickly and efficiently keep track of your daily accomplishments and remember when to follow up with clients by utilizing the simple steps in HOST for call tracking and tracing. By entering into the HOST system, you can also generate productivity reports based off monthly sales goals.

Get organized and stay productive.

Proposal, Contract and Banquet Event Order Automation

You enter the details, and the necessary documents are merged for automation. You save time. You make more sales calls.


Save time by merging documents.

Manage Groups, Functions, and Food & Beverage

Room Blocks, Function Rooms, Food And Beverage. Not a problem. It doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, HOST will manage them all, keep them up to date, and source the necessary documents to support the sales professional and their clients.

Roll up reporting keeps everyone one task.

Customized Reporting for Operations, Upper Management, and Ownership

ROI. The essential question we always ask ourselves in the hospitality business. What is the return on the investment? With the customizable reporting tools that HOST offers, we provide the knowledge to invariably answer that question.  What are some other questions we ask? What is our monthly GRC? Where is our detailed trace report by sales person? Can you have the room block revenue forecast report ready for the revenue call? Can you please pull the function Calendar for forecasting purposes? HOST can do it all. How’s that for being prepared for a meeting with ownership?